Positive comments

We received very positive comments from customers in Holland and Belgium. There we have tested Xignal at various locations. Within our pest control-division we can really cut costs on inspections. The ideal situation is that the tens of thousands of bait depots placed at our customers can in time all be replaced. This way our specialists have more time to do what they are best at: advise customers with respect to prevention.
Joren Nieuwenhuizen - COO EWS-Group

Better service for my customers

Xignal is the most innovative wireless monitor system that I’ve tested over the last few months. You only buy the well-known mouse trap, in which the technique is already integrated. So you don’t have to acquire a new type of mouse depot. Customers now get 24hour monitoring without extra investments, meanwhile reducing the number of productive hours. This means better service for my customers, while increasing the margins on the service-contracts. The results are easily integrated into existing online-reporting systems. This is the first product that really feels good.
Frank Swinkels - Plaagdier Preventie Nederland

Mice in grandma’s basement

My grandmother’s birthday was coming up. She loves chocolate. A month previous to her birthday we decided as a family to pamper her with a chocolate dinner. It would be a fun gathering in a richly decorated room. On that particular day we took the necessary preparations. But it went very different than we thought… My sister opened the box with garlands. She was shocked. All garlands were damaged. Whatever box or bag we took from the cellar, everything was eaten and covered with droppings by mice. The mice plaque in grandma’s basement was awful. What to do? The Xignal Starter Kit for pest control was the answer! We ordered the kit via the webshop. Thanks to a fast delivery, easy plug-and-play installation and the Xignal-app the plague was resolve within a few days. This is what I call effective rodent control!
Marc Jansen

Handy push messages

‘Shit’. ‘No, droppings, pa!’ I looked at my son and said: ‘Don’t be so smart. We can throw away that bag of dog food. Unsalable.’ At that time the bell of the petshop rang . A customer entered in. ‘Are you going to help over there, while I clean up here?’ My son nodded, checked his cellphone and went from the storageroom to the shop. I thought: ‘First clean up here, then I have to check the mouse traps and finally I have work on my administration. What a hassle for a couple of mice! That should be easier to handle. But how?’ All of a sudden I remembered my sons smartphone. That would be something. If I could see the rodent activities on my mobile and send the catch statistics to the municipality with one click. A few days later I joined Xignal by ordering a Starter Kit for mice control. Now I can instantly see all rodent activities on my cell or laptop (convenient push messages!). And thanks to the reporting capabilities, I met the regulations concerning hygiene and pest prevention. Ideal!
Johan Dirksen